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I really need to start remembering to post here so that things are cross-posted (I'm getting real tired of your shit lj!)

So it was back to Burlesque tonight after almost a month off *shakes fist at China for taking my tutor away!* and it was tassel-twirling!

I never realised my boobs were so talented! I have now learned 8-  that's right 8! - different ways to twirl my tassels!

We've also been talking about Advanced Classes where we'll look at characterization - I need a burlesque alter-ego! - and start to plan my act eek!

So my tutor thinks I'm coming across as quite coy when I dance which tbh surprised all of us!

So I need some sort of stage name and a vague idea about my first act, terrifying!!

My icon just reminded me that I'm watching a performer in Feb called Dave the Bear, very much looking forward to it!

Eta: I have a set of matching bruises on the tops of both my feet from putting all my weight on just them and the top of my head when I was doing a back bend/shimmy to twirl the tassels!  Glamorous! 
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I've been given the task of buying a birthday gift for someone who I don't know that well because we don't really get along (things happened, misunderstandings were made in the beginning, we run in completely different circles and we've never really connected). I've only been invited to the damn evening because of mutual friends. Ugh.
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I held off as best I could but lots of lovely people are here and I still want to read their stuff. Also, the whole lj/ddos thing is getting a bit tiresome so, here I am!


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